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Our Philosophy

obgyn leesburg office pictures Virginia Obstetrics & Gynecology will customize care to each patients individual needs.

Dr. Ayoub realizes that every pregnancy is unique, just like every woman is unique. He will discuss with each patient her individual concerns and goals as well as options during the pregnancy, labor and delivery process. This will ensure that decisions can be made together and that mothers can obtain the type of birth experience desired.

Dr. Ayoub strongly believes it is paramount to make sure each patient is empowered in her care. His patients find it comforting that Dr. Ayoub's delivery style is similar to that of a midwife. He believes in being present with his patients throughout the labor and delivery process. Dr. Ayoub supports natural childbirth if this is what his patient desires. He allows each baby born by vaginal delivery to go straight to mothers abdomen for bonding provided there is no immediate concern for the newborns well-being. Attention to detail allows him to make sure his patients are obtaining the best experience they can. Dr. Ayoub strives to have a low cesarean rate. He encourages and supports Doulas for his patients who desire them for further help and guidance during the labor and birth process.

Gynecology services focus on preventative health care. Customizing each woman's care is an important step in our gynecology services. We include the latest in innovation including minimally invasive surgery and office gynecologic procedures, such as Thermachoice endometrial ablations and the Essure procedure. Making sure patients obtain optimal health is paramount to our practice.

Patient access to our staff and physician alike is stressed: comprehensive, top notch quality care in a trusting and safe environment. You will quickly realize that our staff and physician are a stable and important part of your care. Every time you walk into our office, our friendly staff will greet you.

Our goal is to promptly identify concerns and provide satisfactory resolutions to optimize the health of our patients.

Why choose Dr. Ayoub and Virginia Obstetrics & Gynecology, P.C.? See our "Testimonials" section and our "Birthing Experience" section.