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Postoperative Cesarean Delivery Instruction

Postpartum discharge instructions: Cesarean Births

Call our office as soon as possible to make an appointment for a one-week incision check as well as your 6 weeks postpartum check-up.

Please keep your appointment for your six week check-up even if you are still having some bleeding.

Report any fever over 100.4 degrees, or increased vaginal bleeding (more than a pad an hour) or abdominal pain that does not resolve with your pain medication.

No vacuum cleaning or heavy lifting for six weeks. No driving while on narcotics. Please keep stair climbing to a minimum for the two weeks, as well as only light housekeeping. You may begin exercising after your six week check up.

You may shower or wash your hair as soon as desired. Don't take a bath until after your six week check up.

Cramping is normal, especially if you are breastfeeding. You may use 600 mg of ibuprofen (Motrin) every 6 hours or 650 mg of Tylenol every 6 hours as needed. Please avoid using narcotics to only as necessary, if you are still needing narcotics after your prescription runs out you will need to make an appointment since this is not usual.

Your vaginal bleeding (lochia) may continue for four to six weeks. This may be followed by a yellow or white discharge for several more weeks.

Please continue your prenatal vitamins for at least 6 weeks.

Breastfeeding mothers should continue taking your vitamins for as long as you are nursing. Breastfeeding mothers should notify us if you notice red, sore, tender breasts associated with a fever. You may have mastitis which will need to be treated with antibiotics.

Bottle feeding mothers will notice engorgement about 3 days postpartum. Your breasts will be sore and hard. You will need to wear a tight fitting bra or sports bra 24 hours a day. Tylenol and ice packs can be used for relief or discomfort. A breast binder may also be used (a baby blanket or towel clasped with diaper pins).

You may use a mild laxative such as Senokot, Metamucil or colace as necessary.

Avoid crowds and friends or family members who are sick for a minimum of two weeks.

Clean your incision three times a day with peroxide. Notify us for foul smell or drainage from the incision.

Contraception may be started after your six week postpartum appointment. Please ask Dr. Ayoub for options and/or prescriptions needed.